Sunday, February 14, 2010

Process Equipment Design Free Download

Process Equipment Design focuses on the mechanical design of vessels used in the chemical processing industry. By addressing an area where chemical engineers are typically weak, this book will be an extremely useful reference for engineers with a "less than structured" mechanical support team and for those you do have good mechanical support at work, this book will help you understand the mechanical limitations of the equipment that you specify. The book is divided into the following main sections: Factors Influencing the Design of Vessels, Criteria in Vessel,

Design of Shells for Flat-Bottomed Cylindrical Vessels, Design of Bottoms and Roofs for Flat-Bottomed Cylindrical Vessels, Proportioning and Head Selection for Cylindrical Vessels with Formed Closures, Stress Considerations in the Selection of Flat-Plate and Conical Closures for Cylindrical Vessels
Stress Considerations in the Selection of Elliptical, Torispherical, and Hemispherical Dished Closure for Cylindrical Vessels, Design of Cylindrical Vessels with Formed Closures Operating under External Pressure, Design of Tall Vertical Vessels, Design of Supports for Vertical Vessels.

Design of Horizontal Vessels with Saddle Supports, Design of Flanges, Design of Pressure Vessels to Code Specifications, High-Pressure Mono bloc Vessels and Multilayer Vessels.

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