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Marine Engineering Free Download ebooks Part 1-20

The Maritime Engineering Reference Book
A Guide to Ship Design, Construction and Operation free download
The Maritime Engineering Reference Book is a one-stop source for engineers involved in marine engineering and naval architecture. In this essential reference, Anthony F. Molland has brought together the work of a number of the world's leading writers in the field to create an inclusive volume for a wide audience of marine engineers, naval architects and those involved in marine operations, insurance and other related fields.

Corrosion Behavior and Protection of Copper and Aluminum Alloys in Seawater

Proteus Engineering RhinoMarine v3.5.2 free download

Marine Ornamental Species: Collection, Culture and Conservation free download
Marine Ornamental Species: Collection, Culture and Conservation is a comprehensive resource containing information on the growing and economically important marine ornamental industry. Experts address current issues from a global perspective, covering the full-range of topics from world economics and product demand to aquatic animal health to ethnic and social/cultural concerns.

Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines free download
The eighth edition of this text enables readers to access the information they require by providing high-quality, clearly labeled illustrations and figures. This new edition keeps with the engineering tradition of its predecessors while offering brand new chapters that focus on monitoring control systems and governor systems, gas turbines and safety aspects of engine operation and is designed to reflect maritime engineering certificate of competency exams. Each new edition has noted the changes in engine design and the infleuence of new technology and economic needs on the marine diesel engine.

Hydrodynamics Around Cylindrical Structures free download
This book discusses the subject of wave/current flow around a cylinder, the forces induced on the cylinder by the flow, and the vibration pattern of slender structures in a marine environment. The primary aim of the book is to describe the flow pattern and the resulting load which develops when waves or current meet a cylinder. Special attention is paid to circular cylinder. The development in the forces is related to the various flow patterns and is discussed in detail. Regular as well as irregular waves are considered, and special cases like wall proximities (pipelines) are also investigated.

Artificial Reef Evaluation: With Application to Natural Marine Habitats free download
Artificial Reef Evaluation With Application to Natural Marine Habitats is a comprehensive guide to the methods used to document the performance of artificial reefs in coastal and oceanic waters. It is the first volume to combine the essential disciplines required for proper evaluation, including engineering, economics, biology, and statistics.

Control of Ships and Underwater Vehicles
Design for Underactuated and Nonlinear Marine Systems
Most ocean vessels are underactuated but control of their motion in the real ocean environment is essential. Control of Ships and Underwater Vehicles concentrates on the control of underactuated ocean vessels both surface and submarine. Having more degrees of freedom to be controlled than the number of independent control inputs these vessels give rise to numerous challenges within the area of applied nonlinear control which are of growing concern because of their prevalence.

"Drilling Engineering". Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol. 2 free download

Foundations of Engineering Acoustics free download
Foundations of Engineering Acoustics takes the reader on a journey from a qualitative introduction to the physical nature of sound, explained in terms of common experience, to mathematical models and analytical results which underlie the techniques applied by the engineering industry to improve the acoustic performance of their products. The book is distinguished by extensive descriptions and explanations of audio-frequency acoustic phenomena and their relevance to engineering, supported by a wealth of diagrams, and by a guide for teachers of tried and tested class demonstrations and laboratory-based experiments.
Foundations of Engineering Acoustics is a textbook suitable for both senior undergraduate and postgraduate courses in mechanical, aerospace, marine, and possibly electrical and civil engineering schools at universities. It will be a valuable reference for academic teachers and researchers and will also assist Industrial Acoustic Group staff and Consultants.

Marine Biotechnology in the Twenty-First Century
Problems, Promise, and Products

Corrosion and Protection (Engineering Materials and Processes) free download
Corrosion and Protection is an essential guide for engineering students, particularly those with a limited background in chemistry, such as mechanical, marine and civil engineering students and also provides a valuable reference source for practicing engineers.

Handbook of Transportation Engineering free download

Very Large Floating Structures

Pile Design and Construction Practice

Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences free download
This book provides a world-wide perspective of submarine mass movements and their consequences. This has been made possible by assembling excellent contributions from active researchers, groups, or institutions, thus providing full coverage of the many scientific and engineering aspects of this type of marine and coastal geo-hazard. It covers fundamental as well as site specific studies from many areas including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, inner seas such as the Mediterranean Sea, and fjords using the most recent technologies from multibeam sonar imaging techniques, 3D seismic analysis, slope stability analysis, to debris flow and tsunami modeling.

Oceanography of Asian Marginal Seas free download

Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving Our Seas free download
An oil tanker breaks up off the coast of Spain, contaminating beaches and killing over one hundred thousand birds. Colorful coral reefs turn a deathly white around the world. Six whales die in the Bahamas from bleeding near their ears after the Navy tests an active sonar system there. After so much bad news, people are thirsting for workable solutions to the oceans crisis.

Maritime Transportation: Safety Management and Risk Analysis free download
Shipping and marine transportation is a highly regulated global industry. With heightened public awareness of the environmental and human cost of marine accidents, and tighter legislation from governments and international bodies on ships and shipping operations, the safe and efficient operation of ships is a priority for all ship builders, owners and operators. This book is the essential guide to the safety of maritime transportation for anyone in the field.

Ship Motion Control
Course Keeping and Roll Stabilization Using Rudder and Fins
The impact of control system design on ship performance has been significant in different applications of ship motion control: course keeping, station keeping, roll stabilisation and vertical motion/riding control, diving, path following, etc. This monograph introduces ship motion control by studying the particular problems of control system design for course autopilots with rudder roll stabilisation and combined rudder fin stabilizers. Ship Motion Control revisits the ingredients that make these control designs challenging and proposes a contemporary control system design approach to meet that challenge.

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