Sunday, February 14, 2010

Industrial Engineering Free Download ebooks Part 1-20

Fuzzy Applications in Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering (IE) is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, material, equipment, and energy. Industrial engineers face many problems with incomplete and vague information in these systems since the characteristics of these problems often require this kind of information. Fuzzy sets approaches are usually most appropriate when human evaluations and the modeling of human knowledge are needed. IE brings a significant number of applications of fuzzy set theory.

Handbook of Industrial Engineering: Technology and Operations Management
The Handbook of Industrial Engineering, Third Edition contains a vast array of timely and useful methodologies for achieving increased productivity, quality, and competitiveness and improving the quality of working life in manufacturing and service industries. This astoundingly comprehensive resource also provides a cohesive structure to the discipline of industrial engineering with four major classifications: technology; performance improvement management; management, planning, and design control; and decision-making methods.

Advances in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
(Lecture Notes Electrical Engineering) free download

Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook free download
Maynard’s Industrial Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition puts exhaustive application-driven coverage of industry principles and practices, materials and systems, at your fingertips. Covering everything from work measurement and material flow, to facilities and quality control, this unparalleled reference is nothing less than the most in-depth, hands-on IE reference available. Designed for industrial engineers who are challenged to do more, in more arenas, this new edition introduces you to both traditional and the latest, most efficient, and cost-effective IE methods and technologies.

Engineering Maintenance Management (Industrial Engineering)

Next-Generation Applied Intelligence
22nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Other Applications

A Study of the Toyota Production System: From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint

Design Matters: The Organisation and Principles of Engineering Design
Design is the essential component of engineering. Design Matters demonstrates the need to understand the context, process and delivery of engineering projects and services by focusing on the nature and practice of engineering design. The book specifically highlights the cultural, economic, political and social parameters and illustrates the importance of their understanding as demonstrated by successful designers.

Engineering for Business: Theory and Cases

Introductory Biomechanics: From Cells to Organisms free download
Introductory Biomechanics is a new, integrated text written specifically for engineering students. It provides a broad overview of this important branch of the rapidly growing field of bioengineering. A wide selection of topics is presented, ranging from the mechanics of single cells to the dynamics of human movement. No prior biological knowledge is assumed and in each chapter, the relevant anatomy and physiology are first described. The biological system is then analyzed from a mechanical viewpoint by reducing it to its essential elements, using the laws of mechanics and then tying mechanical insights back to biological function.

Statistics in Industry (Handbook of Statistics)

Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Optimization
Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Optimization is an indispensable working resource for industrial engineers and designers, as well as systems analysts, operations researchers, and management scientists working in manufacturing and related industries. It also makes an excellent primary or supplementary text for advanced courses in industrial engineering, management science, operations research, computer science, and artificial intelligence

Intelligent Data Mining: Techniques and Applications

Handbook of Scheduling: Algorithms, Models, and Performance Analysis
Researchers in management, industrial engineering, operations, and computer science have intensely studied scheduling for more than 50 years, resulting in an astounding body of knowledge in this field. Handbook of Scheduling: Algorithms, Models, and Performance Analysis, the first handbook on scheduling, provides full coverage of the most recent and advanced topics on the subject.

Design and Analysis of Experiments: Book+ Solutions Manual + all supplements
The sixth edition of this best selling text continues to help senior and graduate students in industrial engineering, business, and statistics—as well as working practitioners—to design and analyze experiments for improving the quality and efficiency of working systems. Continuing to place a strong focus on the use of the computer, the book includes output from two software products, Minitab and Design Expert. Additionally, the sixth edition offers new material on a number of important topics, including follow-up experimentation following a fractional factorial, and split-plot design.

Engineering Psychophysiology: Issues and Applications

Soft Computing Applications in Industry free download

Industrial Controls and Manufacturing free download
Growing numbers of engineering graduates are finding employment in the control systems area with applications to manufacturing. To be properly prepared for such positions, it is desirable that the students be exposed to the topics of process control, discrete logic control and the fundamentals of manufacturing. Presently there is no existing textbook and/or reference that combine together process control, discrete logic control and the fundamentals of manufacturing. This is a book that fills that gap.

Engineering Handbook for Industrial Plastic Systems

Engineers' Handbook of Industrial Microwave Heating free download
(Power & Energy Series) All the processes used in manufacturing industry, there can be little doubt that heating is the most commonplace. Presenting industrial microwave heating from an engineering base and integrating the essential elements of microwave theory and heat transfer with practical design, application and operational issues, this book is a comprehensive guide for readers working at a technical grade or above, or those moving into this field, who may not have a research physics background and require a clear, authoritative treatment of the subject.

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