Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Products Are Made: An Illustrated Guide to Product Manufacturing Free Download

The text layout and the illustrations are up to Gale's usual high standards, and organization is designed for ease of use. Each article is divided into several sections, such as background, history, raw materials, design, the manufacturing process, quality control, byproducts, the future, and where to learn more. The section on the manufacturing process is broken down into numbered steps. Each article is accompanied by one or more clear line drawings or diagrams. For some 10 percent of the articles, William S. Pretzer, a manufacturing historian and curator at the Henry Ford Museum, has contributed boxed entries on the developmental history of the product. Books and periodicals cited in the where-to-learn-more sections are up-to-date (including at least one 1994 entry) and often represent both popular and industry sources. A 15-page index includes personal names and subjects from within entries. In addition to being a guide to the manufacture of more than 100 products, this first volume in a new series devotes roughly equal space to a variety of nonmanufacturing information. A new volume will be published every two years. The eclectic roster of products examined ranges from air bags, aluminum foil, artificial limbs, and aspirin to zippers and zirconium. Included are retail goods as well as intermediate goods used in the manufacture of other products.

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