Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering

The Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering presents a compilation of the fundamental tools of industrial engineering techniques with a focus on military applications. Examples of the roles that industrial engineering plays in military operations can be seen in many present operational strategies of the military. Industrial engineering is well versed and appropriately positioned to create, adapt, utilize, and disseminate new knowledge and tools for direct application to military operations. The versatility of industrial engineering has been demonstrated again and again over the years. It is through the application of industrial engineering principles, tools, and techniques that many operational improvements have been achieved in many organizations. The chapters in this handbook are contributed by well-known industrial engineering authors, researchers, educators, and practitioners. The contents of the book will help military organizations to effectively evaluate operational constraints of time,cost, and performance. The techniques and applications contained in the book cut across all military services: Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines corps.


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