Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free Offshore Engineering ebook

Its aim is to provide a fuller overall appreciation of the offshore industry in understandable terms and it is the success in this which is likely to make the book so popular with both new recruits and experienced engineers when they embark upon new fields of work. Offshore Structures and Support Vessels - offshore structures, support vessels, offshore installations description, fixed steel structures installation. The North Sea History and Legislation - the North Sea, the story so far, oil and gas distribution, the safety case, statutory instruments, associated information. Safety Systems - the safety case, fire-fighting equipment, life-saving appliances, navigational aids, hazardous areas, emergency systems. Piping Systems and Process Pressure Vessels - piping systems, process pressure vessels, piping and pressure vessels design, piping systems - construction. Production - gas production, oil production, enhanced oil recovery and oil drive mechanism. Underwater Engineering - diving, underwater surveys. The Well Component Parts - Christmas tree, surface wellhead.

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